Fair Deal

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Is it too late for my father to give his savings to his family? Photograph: Getty Images

My 92-year-old father is in a nursing home. He availed of the Fair Deal loan and, after the three years’ cap, sold his home and put the money into his(...)

Under Fair Deal, if your mother sells her home, then that becomes a liquid asset and liable to the 7.5 per cent payment every year without any cap. Photograph: John Stillwell/PA

My mother was diagnosed recently with a number of medical issues and she is no longer able to live independently. We will have to go down the route of(...)

Sometimes, however, depending on your circumstances, a marginal pay rise can cost you more than you might think.

Who doesn’t love a pay rise? Or a windfall. Or a boost in the return of your savings or investments? Sometimes, however, depending on your circumstanc(...)

Some of us will need a great deal of care support in our final years, others will remain largely healthy and active until virtually the end. Because o(...)

With demand rising and the State picking up most of the tab, the business of providing long-term residential care for older people should be a rare gr(...)

When the time comes to choose a nursing home option for either you or a loved one, the last thing you want to have to think about is financial (...)