Easter Rising

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Letters written by the Vicereine, Lady Wimborne, wife of the then Viceroy, and effectively Ireland’s “first lady” at the time of the 1916 Rising.

Mementos associated with Ireland’s struggle for Independence during the early years of the 20th century are the main highlights in Whyte’s History &am(...)

A levée dress uniform with the rank insignia of a colonel, “accompanied by the appropriate kilt, sporran, plaid, trousers, cross-belt with plate, stockings and kid gaiters”, to be auctioned in Dublin on November 8th

An Irish Tricolour reputedly flown over Dublin during the Easter Rising in 1916, and uniforms worn by the British military leader who suppressed the r(...)

Minister for Justice and Equality Frances Fitzgerald , lays a wreath at the grave of Michael Collins, at the Collins Griffith Commemoration , at Glasnevin Cemetary. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

Fine Gael should recognise its roots lie in the values and philosophy of 1916 and should be proud of its association with the Easter Rising, rugby pun(...)

As the centenary commemorations for the Easter Rising draw closer there had been speculation that the prices for items of memorabilia would beg(...)

Green, white and orange: the Tricolour as defined by the Constitution. Photograph: Ed Pritchard/PC/Getty
Tracking the Tricolour

The Constitution ascribes no specific symbolism to our national flag. Does it mean the same to a GAA fan at Croke Park as it does to the unionists (...)

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