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Selling your shares this month, or next, will have no bearing on that tax liability – apart from possibly freeing up cash to pay it.

I have unrealised losses of €40,000 on bank shares. I am going to inherit €450,000 from my father’s estate (he died in February and probate is being l(...)

Married couples with one earner can earn up to €43,550 before moving into the higher tax bracket.

Here is one certainty in life: if you get married, you won’t pay more tax. “Any couples thinking of getting hitched can rest assured – bar the cost o(...)

If you have opted for a life-wrapped investment product, there is nothing to be done, as the life company computes the taxes and passes them on to Revenue on your behalf.  Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

If funds are more expensive than we might have otherwise thought – as evidenced by new European regulations (insert link: