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In a word

A cardinal rule for reporters is, “never assume”. Assumption can lead you into all sorts of dangerous terrain, unless you are the Virgin Mary. The Fea(...)

 Ishmael Butler and Tendai Maraire: ‘Hip-hop is representative of the male in America right now: an eternal adolescent, kind of superficial, playful, irresponsible, talented being who has lost his way a little’

Are you ready to get high again? Shabazz Palaces are back in the building and their engines are humming. The Seattle duo scorched a path to hip-hop’s (...)

The high priest of Co Mayo

Heading whesht to Mayo for the Westport Festival of Music and Food, I was a bit apprehensive. Not only had we been spoiled by the bash in Ballinlough,(...)

Gary Numan performing at Body & Soul festival in Ballinlough Castle, Co Westmeath. Photograph: Allen Kiely

Why don’t we let a poet introduce you to Body & Soul? “This is real live dreaming,” announces Vicky Curtis, performing under the name Ragin Spice(...)

 Slow Magic performs at the Body and Soul festival at Ballinlough Castle, Clonmellon, Co Westmeath. Photograph: Allen Kiely

With capacity up more than 30 per cent at this year’s Body and Soul, there’s a need to push the musical lineup’s capacity to match. So this year, the (...)

 Gary Numan: one of the headline acts appearing on the summer solstice.  Photograph:   Simone Joyner/Getty Images

  The Body and Soul festival in Co Meath this weekend celebrates five years in existence with a masquerade ball, a summer solstice party a(...)

William Doyle, aka East India Youth: ‘It’s about making people see that you’ve got this emotion, but not forcing it on to people’

Even when you’re a musician with a successful album under your belt, you never stop being a fanboy. Not if you’re William Doyle. The man behind(...)

Despacio soundsystem: it’s got Dolby noise reduction and everything

Those making the trip to Glastonbury just got an extra sweetener, with the news that James Murphy and Soulwax pair David and Stephen Dewaele are bring(...)

 Coffee pods from Lidl

Pods at dawn If you’ve noticed a sudden proliferation on shop shelves of coffee pods bearing the words “Compatible with Nespresso ® Machines”, it(...)

In decades past, parents would have perhaps taught their young daughters how to darn socks and bake scones. Thankfully, those days are over. To(...)

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