Apple Pay

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Some current accounts now offer digital payment solutions such as Apple or Google Pay. Photograph: iStock

As banks increasingly hike how much they charge customers for everyday banking, consumers still have a window in which they can express their disappro(...)

The data includes payments made via mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. Photograph: iStock

Consumers used their plastic less for contactless payments in the second quarter but the amount they spent increased. The impact of Covid-19, during (...)

Irish banking customers tend to be very slow to do so, but switching may now make more sense than ever before. Photograph: iStock

Banking is getting more expensive. Back in January, Permanent TSB disclosed it was making it more difficult for its legacy customers to qualify for fr(...)

‘When it comes to people and their money, many bank customers here still like having the option of having a branch they can physically call into.’

We are staggeringly bad at it: figures from the Central Bank show that just 3,600, or 0.06 per cent, of the State’s 5.2 million banking customers, swi(...)

Cheques are an anachronism in the public sector following “E-day” in September since which it will not accept cheques from or write cheques for busine(...)