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Irish Honda customers will be contacted in the coming weeks to have their airbags replaced.

Times that it knows of 9,200 individual airbag units that will be involved in a safety-related recall(...)

Brake failure is only affecting right-hand-drive Suzuki Celerios. A fix is still a couple of weeks away.

Questions are being raised about cost-cutting in the motor industry following a high-profile recall(...)

Millions of cars worldwide are being recalled due to faulty, potentially lethal, airbags.

(...) current global recall of cars fitted with airbags made by the Japanese company Takata. Ms Tran, a native(...)

Protesters on Capitol Hill with photographs of relatives who died in crashes allegedly linked to the faulty switches. Photograph: Gabriella Demczuk/New York Times

Detroit carmaker failed to recall models in which the air bags would not properly deploy in an accident(...)

The closure of the Opel factory in  Bochum, Germany, is expected to cost GM around €600 million

(...) fallout of the massive ignition-switch recall in the US and now faces into the expensive prospect of(...)