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EBS refused my application as I work for an airline and that’s high risk – even though we have not been subject to any reduction in pay. Photograph: Getty Images

I recently applied for a new mortgage with the EBS. I got my first mortgage with them 15 years ago and have not missed any payments. It refused my a(...)

Employers can pay workers an allowance of €3.20 a day to compensate for home expenses without paying any tax, PRSI or the universal social charge on it. Photograph: Getty Images

If the pandemic has you working from home you’re effectively running a branch office. But who’s paying the bill? Workers everywhere are absorbing emp(...)

Money maze: while there are many factors over which you have no control, there are plenty of financial decisions to improve your financial health that are within your control

If you’re suffering a case of the January blues – and your cupboards, wallet and bank account are all bare – it may be an opportune moment to take sto(...)