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In the bleak midwinter, it can be hard to muster the enthusiasm to get out of bed on dark mornings, never mind greet the day with enthusiasm. You may (...)

Healthy balance: Our gut flora, with its tens of trillions of micro-organisms, is the final interior, if not frontier, given the new links to many aspects of health. Photograph: Getty

Space may be the final frontier but back on Earth the human body is still yielding up secrets, some of which may help us to get more balance into our (...)

Dr Rangan Chatterjee of the BBC’s ‘Doctor in the House’

Ten years of back problems took their toll on Dr Rangan Chatterjee. He was always in pain, which added to the stress of the GP’s work, but worse still(...)

Michael Sherlock in the mountains near Reus in Spain on a 97km ride.

When Michael Sherlock began taking his bicycle to Dublin’s Phoenix Park at the weekends, it was just meant to be a bit of fun to recapture the feeling(...)

Cut out sugary drinks: this is one easy way to avoid taking in too much sugar and other useless “ingredients”

Only the most abstemious subject themselves to a life without treats. For the rest of us, giving in to indulgence is part of the fun. You can even mak(...)

There is no need to let your skin tan or burn to benefit from the sun and soak up vitamin D. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Basking in the sunshine is such a lazy and enjoyable way to pass the time, it’s hard to believe it can do much for your health other than make you fee(...)

If you go out for a run or a walk, stop and do some simple resistance exercises to build muscle strength, says personal trainer Carl Cautley.

The modern obsession with obesity is doing us a disservice in ways we may not even realise. It puts the focus on how much we weigh, our fat levels or (...)

Trainer Claire Mc Glynn has seen  mobility, strength, fitness, self-belief and confidence boosted in her classes.

If you think that running for the bus is a waste of time, think again. Even if you don’t catch that bus, you will be doing a lot more for your fitnes(...)

Choose cold-pressed oils such as olive oil or rapeseed oil for cooking. Avoid highly processed oils such as sunflower and corn. Photograph: iStock

It’s not just his puppy-dog eyes, curly hair and striking musculature that have taken Joe Wicks to the top of the charts for paperback non-fiction. Th(...)