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Attestor, founded in 2011, focuses on investing in European businesses that are growing or in need of restructuring. Photograph: Akos Stiller/Bloomberg

British investment firm Attestor Capital, which is a 20 per cent shareholder in Irish lender Dilosk, is close to sealing a deal to buy a covered bonds(...)

 John Bowe: told Anglo chairman Seán FitzPatrick that “we have a big funny with Permo”. Photopraph:  Collins Courts

John Bowe studied accounting and finance in Dublin City University until 1986. He joined Standard Chartered Bank (Ireland) Ltd as a graduate trainee. (...)

Any transaction around EAA Covered Bond Bank would need the ultimate approval of the European Central Bank

US private equity firms JC Flowers and Apollo are among bidders circling a Dublin-based bank which is being sold under the wind-up of failed former G(...)

‘That German banks wrecked the Irish economy is one of the most persistent legends of the crisis. German bankers lent recklessly to the innocent Irish and then sent in Angela Merkel, the Austerity Queen, to get back their bad investments.’  Photograph:  EPA/Wolfgang Kumm

At a friend’s dinner table in Berlin recently I sat opposite a woman visiting from Ireland who had an important announcement to make. She said how, on(...)

D2 co-founder Deirdre Foley. Financier won praise from Derek Quinlan at Quinlan Private.

From a farming family in Co Sligo, Deirdre Foley (43) began her career with KPMG in 1992, where she trained as an accountant. After KPMG, she spent a(...)

 The containership ‘Corte Real’ unloads and loads at the container port in Hamburg.

While the rest of Europe looked nervously at Germany’s second-quarter GDP drop yesterday, Germans were uncharacteristically cheery.Yes, the economy s(...)

Defendant Dirk Jens Nonnenmacher, former chief executive of German bank HSH Nordbank, sits in the courtroom Hamburg on Wednesday. Photograph: Reuters

James Bond’s first big screen nemesis, Dr No, never got his day in court after Sean Connery left him boiling in a cooling vat. Half a century on, howe(...)

China  ramped up production and exports of solar panels and related products, sparking a trade dispute with the EU

German solar group Conergy has filed for insolvency, putting some 800 jobs at risk and becoming the latest casualty in an industry battered by overcap(...)