The Skoda Enyaq will go on sale here, starting in April 2021

The new Enyaq is not quite Skoda’s first electric car. That honour actually goes to the battery-powered version of the small Citigo hatchback, which w(...)

‘The idea of holidaying in a space that you yourself own, which you can clean yourself and which won’t have been used by others recently, is definitely reassuring.’ Photograph: iStock

As we slowly start to emerge from our shells, as (hopefully) coronavirus recedes, those of us lucky enough to still have an income and work to do will(...)

Ireland’s car buyers are, at the worst possible time, deeply confused about the way in which different cars are powered, and just how eco-friendly (or(...)

The e-Golf now starts at a price of €27,895 after both the €5,000 VRT rebate and the €5,000 EV purchase grant from the SEAI are taken into account.

Volkswagen Ireland has cut €5,000 off the price of the all-electric e-Golf (and by almost €10,000, compared to the original launch price of the car), (...)

Volkswagen Golf 8: There’s no doubt that the Golf is still a hugely important car for Europe and for Ireland.

The launch of a new Volkswagen Golf is always an event of significance, but one gets the feeling that the reveal of this, the eighth generation of VW’(...)

From the sketch shown, it’s clear that the eighth Golf looks like… a Golf - hardly a surprise, and VW was never going to mess with a winning formula

Volkswagen has shown off initial design sketches for the new eighth generation of Golf. The new Golf has already had its launch delayed once – it(...)

Volkswagen’s ID.3 electric car is its next big thing after the Beetle and Golf. This claim was made by Jürgen Stackman, Volkswagen board member at th(...)

The racing-inspired GTI TCR (named after the TCR touring car racing series) sees its power boosted out to 286bhp and 380 Nm of torque

Volkswagen’s special-edition Golf GTI TCR will be sold in the Republic, although only 20 will make it to these shores. Those are likely to be snapped (...)

The new WLTP figures for vehicle emissions and economy come, officially, into force on Saturday, September 1st. So what? What is WLTP and what does it(...)

Pity the Tuaregs. Struggling to defend their nomadic lifestyle, these North African people saw in the Arab Spring of early 2010s the opportunity to st(...)

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