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Danger zone: most of us, even in older, less tech-flashy cars, have paired a mobile phone to our car using Bluetooth or a USB connection. Photograph: Dave Meehan/The Irish Times

Your car has a lot to say about you. And not in the way you think. Not just as a style proxy for your personality, but actually about you, your home, (...)

A device for testing the emissions of cars in real driving situations. The NEDC test has been the bedrock of official fuel consumption and emissions testing since it was first introduced in 1970. Photograph: Getty Images

Changes to the way a car’s official fuel consumption and emissions are tested is changing this year, and could bring chaos to the Irish car market. No(...)

Diesel cars and SUVs had almost 66 per cent market share in western Europe six years ago, but that has now dipped to around 50 per cent.  Photograph: Reuters

When Germany’s minister for transport and digital infrastructure, Alexander Dobrindt, appeared before the press last week, his handlers insisted he co(...)