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The Christmas market in Krakow takes place in the mammoth central square, Rynek Glowny, in the middle of its atmospheric Old Town.

Vienna The Viennese have been holding Christmas markets since 1298 so they know how to do it. Of the 20 or so to choose from, the best sits in front (...)

London is a very busy city and I would suggest you avoid June, July and August.

My husband and I would like to take a trip to London this year. We are a retired couple so can take this holiday anytime. Ideally, we would plan to s(...)

Appalachian Trail: this historic route is more than 30,000km long. Photograph: Getty

I want to book four/five days in Nice, but I am finding this difficult as I would like to fly direct from Ireland. – NMC, Dublin Aer Lingus wil(...)

Trevi fountain in Rome. Photograph:  Thinkstock
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We have booked flights to Amsterdam for seven nights at mid-term. Can you recommend a tourist itinerary for us, a couple in our 50’s and our 12 year-o(...)