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Abortion referendum: 70 per cent of women voted in favour of repeal, compared with 65 per cent of men. Photograph: Clodagh Kilcoyne/Reuters

This exit poll provides the first understanding of how Ireland has voted in the referendum on the Eighth Amendment. It finds that 68 per cent have vot(...)

“Jack was sent to a relative for the night and Kim later joined him. It appears that during the night, while he was in bed with Kim, Jack died. The postmortem indicated he had died as a result of sudden infant death syndrome.” File photograph: Getty Images

Tusla social workers “missed” an opportunity to intervene in the case of an infant whose mother was allegedly using illegal drugs and who subsequently(...)

Littlewoods Ireland recently embarked on a €2 million advertising campaign

Littlewoods Ireland, which recently embarked on a €2 million advertising campaign in a bid to boost sales locally, saw turnover rise by just 2.4 per c(...)

Ancient cannibalistic religions have less eccentric calendars than does the movie universe. The long run-in and dreary aftermath to Christmas d(...)