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The Cú Chulainn roller coaster in Tayto park.

Tayto Park has suffered another setback in its plans to construct a new €15.5 million Coaster 2021 roller coaster after local residents lodged an appe(...)

Tayto Park’s existing roller-coaster ride. In July, An Bord Pleanála refused planning to a new roller coaster, concluding the operation of the ride would be too noisy for nearby residents

Tayto Park’s planned €15.5 million “Coaster 2021” roller coaster has suffered a setback with Meath County Council putting its planning application on(...)

Tayto Park’s rollercoaster which opened in 2015.

Plans by Tayto Park to have its €15.5 million ‘Coaster 2021’ project operational for next year have suffered a major setback. This follows two of the(...)

The numbers to attend Tayto Park this year totalled 615,000. Mr Coyle said: “Numbers have been flat the last two or three years and we need to do something about it.”

The screams by riders on Tayto Park’s planned new €15.5 million rollercoaster won’t impact on nearby residents, according to the owner of Tayto Park. (...)