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Shayk Umar said he supported a united Ireland on the basis of his personal experience and that of his community in the Republic. Photograph: Ronan McGreevy

Minority communities in the North would vote for a united Ireland because they have a much better experience in the Republic, a prominent Muslim leade(...)

XYZ Reality uses holograms to help construction companies eliminate costly errors

Construction tech augmented reality start-up XYZ Reality has closed a £20 million series A funding round as the company seeks to grow in markets outsi(...)

New generation: 18-year-old Aisha Siwar, 17-year-old Hannah Abushaban, 21-year-old Marwan Akari and 19-year-old Yara Alagha. Photographs: Alan Betson

They are an upcoming generation of Irish Muslims – probably the first to have grown up in Ireland in significant numbers. After several members of (...)

Mourners leave lighted candles following the funeral service  Solomon Soremekun. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

A grieving mother is to travel home to her family in Nigeria to mourn her three-year-old son who died in Galway last week. Omolara Alibi is making pla(...)

Solomon Soremekun, who died from injuries sustained in a lift shaft in an office building in Galway on Monday afternoon, was buried yesterday.

The mother of the three-year-old boy who was killed in a lift shaft in Galway last week was too distraught to attend his funeral.Omolara Alibi grieved(...)