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Dark web: 'I could make you physically sick in minutes by showing you stuff now, but the second or the third or fourth time you see it you can get desensitised.' Illustration: iStock/Getty

A “regular” murder can be arranged for $45,000, while making a victim disappear without a trace costs $60,000. A straightforward crippling is $12,000 (...)

Swedish  DJ  and record producer Avicii   pictured on Table Mountain, South Africa in a photograph posted on Instagram in January.

Early in 2012 posters appeared around Dublin advertising an upcoming concert at the O2 Arena. The artist being touted was far from a household name. (...)

Audi’s so-called “Ultra” technology helps the new A6 to achieve some featherweight figures.

Traditionally, the Audi A6 has been the four-ringed brand’s best-selling model in the Irish market, but its position has been slipping of late and it’(...)