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Healthy option: The Dublin and London-listed venture capital firm was among a number of VCs to back London-based allplants, which is hoping to capitalise on the shift away from meat consumption in favour of plant-based foods and proteins.

Draper Esprit has led a £38 million (€45 million) funding round for UK vegan delivery start-up allplants. The Dublin and London-listed venture capita(...)

RPA technology demonstrates how a computer can imitate a human. Photograph: iStock

In 1950 Alan Turing, a logician and philosopher, proposed a test of a machine’s ability to imitate a human. His Turing test envisaged a human examine(...)

In total, the company has generated £33 million from its investment in TransferWise. Photograph: iStock

Dublin and London-listed venture capital firm Draper Esprit has sold its remaining holding in TransferWise, giving it a cash return of about £18 milli(...)

A number of Irish organisations are using RPA to automate what are often mundate tasks

A Romanian robotic software company has teamed up with the Mater Hospital in Dublin to free up nurses from time-consuming admin work so they can conce(...)