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Liam Cunningham, who plays Davos Seaworth in ‘Game of Thrones’, will speak at the Web Summit

The company behind the Web Summit has a permanent six-bedroom “crash pad” for new employees arriving in Dublin as part of efforts to circumvent the ho(...)

Is this bull market a ‘new normal’, or should investors wait for the ‘old normal’ to return? Photograph: iStock

As share prices tumbled on that infamous Monday in October 1987, a chain of dominoes stretching from Tokyo to New York, Tim Hammett was more stunned b(...)

 Uber has agreed to implement new data protection measures to settle complaints that it failed to prevent improper snooping on driver and customer information. Photograph: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty

Uber has settled a complaint accusing it of giving drivers free rein to access customers’ information, including the ability to follow the paths of th(...)

Former Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick: not going without a struggle. Photograph: Shu Zhang/File Photo/Reuters

Just when it seemed as though we’d heard all there was to hear about Uber, the company bounces back into the headlines again. The lift-hailing app, (...)

The ‘self driving car’ that caused a stir in Arlington, Virginia. Photograph: YouTube

Tech blogs went crazy over the weekend after a new self-driving car was seen rolling around Arlington, Virginia. Unlike vehicles from Google Waymo, U(...)

Masayoshi Son, CEO SoftBank, during a news conference in Tokyo,  on August 7th. Photograph: Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg

Japan’s SoftBank is set on making a bigger impact in the US, seeking stakes in the leading car sharing services and pushing for consolidation in telec(...)

’We could soon reach a point at which our smartest machines become more intelligent than we are and accelerate away from us on an exponential learning curve.’

The self-driving car has become the poster gadget for the next wave of automation powered by artificial intelligence. It is a terrifying idea. Turni(...)

Currently Irish customers can only book a taxi or limousine through the Uber app rather than a private car. Photograph: PA Wire

Controversial ride-sharing company Uber will not be allowed to operate in Ireland using private cars as it does in other countries. The National Tra(...)

Professor Mark Ferguson, director general, Science Foundation Ireland: “Everyone hopes that the next Facebook or Uber will be started up in Ireland.” Photograph: Jason Clarke Photography
Breeding Irish unicorns

A new term entered the business lexicon in 2013. In searching for a word to describe companies which reached billion dollar valuations within a few ye(...)

Don’t forget physical exercise – just 15 minutes every day can help your mental fitness

What is fitness? It is something of an all-encompassing term, one with a plethora of different definitions. Personally, it comes down to what a Nazi-e(...)

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