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The Aston Martin Racing Vantage   during qualifying. Photograph: Getty Images

Each year thousands of petrolheads travel from all corners of the globe to descend on the French village of Le Mans, for what is arguably the world’s (...)

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Twenty thirteen – the first year of the new registration system – will doubtless be remembered chiefly for being a round of Golf. Volkswagen’s genre-d(...)

Satisfied customers: Jaguar tops the manufacturers’ poll, and its XF saloon tops the individual-model list

Once in a while a shock result shakes up your perception of events. Once in a while Limerick will beat Tipperary at hurling. Who knows: Marussia may e(...)

Stylish: the Prius+ has one of the best cabins Toyota has built

Amid the aggression and verbal abuse of rush-hour traffic, the Toyota Prius is like motoring Prozac. It’s odd the way hybrids change your driving habi(...)

Build quality: robots weld cars at Nissan’s plant in Sunderland. Photograph: James Sebright/Getty

We were all somewhat stunned when, back in 2009, rumours started to swirl that Toyota was going to be subject to a major recall of vehicles in the US.(...)

Imagine a time when you summon your car to your front door at the touch of a button, climb into the driver’s seat and catch up with the morning’s news(...)

Anne-Lise Kjaer: "In the 21st century we have to think of `we economics' rather then `me economics' which was very much the 20th-century model."

Small and medium-sized enterprises need to innovate and make a strategic plan for growth if they are to survive, the Euro SME 2013 conference was tol(...)

Supporters gather at a rally in Manhattan's Union Square in support of whistleblower Edward Snowden. Photograph: Mario Tama/Getty

The revelations over the past week about the scale of NSA surveillance of global digital communications is likely to be seen as a pivotal moment in th(...)

It has been more than 18 years since Toyota brought its diminutive SUV model to market, and in that time we’ve witnessed the boom and bust of the SUV (...)

The latest vending machines on the streets of Tokyo use facial-recognition technology to tailor soft drinks based on age and gender

Hollywood directors sometimes connote the future by putting a talking machine in their movies. Tokyo has gone one better. The latest vending ma(...)

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