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Glanbia  plans to develop a Dutch-style cheese production facility on a 10-hectare site next to an existing  milk processing plant in Belview

Plans by Glanbia Ireland for a €140 million cheese manufacturing facility in Co Kilkenny have been put on hold following objections by two leading en(...)

I seem to spend half my day looking for things. Keys. My ID badge. Remote controls – so many remote controls. My phone. I’d hate to tot up all the tim(...)

Once you set up the Tile app on your smartphone, your Blunt umbrella becomes trackable too

Blunt Metro + Tile Blunt claims its New Zealand-designed brollies are the strongest around with a resilient canopy structure, a unique radial t(...)

Travel gear: making travel easier
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  • August 30, 2014, 01:00

Polaroid Cube Lots of all-action personal HD cams out there but none with the charm of Polaroid’s tiny new Cube. The toy-like aesthetic belies (...)