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Many so-called ‘zombie’ businesses are being kept alive on State Covid supports, according to a new report

Insolvencies down due to Covid supports Many so-called “zombie” businesses that otherwise would have gone bust are being kept alive on State Covid su(...)

Sean McMillan, who goes by the user name mrseanmcmxx on TikTok

A 29-year-old sales assistant and online dancer with thousands of followers on Tik Tok and YouTube has denied in the Circuit Civil Court that he had d(...)

The Collison brothers’ firm Stripe announced that it would significantly expand its operations in Dublin and create up to 1,000 jobs over the next five years.

Promotional material dealing with Ireland’s attractiveness as a location for inward investment almost invariably includes the fact that the country al(...)

Broccoli and hazelnuts produce a wonderful culinary marriage. Photograph: iStock

One amazing fact about purple sprouting broccoli is that this year’s crops will have been sown last year, around May. The plant is robust enough to we(...)

Young people today know that the likes of Instagram and TikTok are recording details about them. And because they know it, they don’t find it sinister. Photograph: Getty Images

I regularly write here about myself and my family: often to demonstrate some ill-thought out point, or generate a bit of humour or simply because I ca(...)