When Telecom Éireann (Eir) was privatised, the new owners borrowed heavily, reducing shareholder capital so that, ultimately, they couldn’t finance new investment

The last financial crisis taught us some of the risks to the economy when “financial engineering” gets out of hand. Property developers had borrowed n(...)

It’s  important to step back from instinct and take a cold look at the case for investing. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Will AIB shares be at lower prices than at present when floated on the open market? Would you advise to buy then? Mr S.B., email There’s nothing lik(...)

  Telecom Éireann share   price allocation: Most of the donations to Sharegift were made by investors who lost money in the long run over the 1999 flotation and found themselves holding Vodafone shares. Photograph: Eric Luke

Irish shareholders in Vodafone and Verizon have contributed €1 million to local charities recently through Computershare. The money has gone to si(...)

Vodafone special offer: Just three weeks remain before the May 24th deadline. Photograph: Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images

Just over one in four small Irish shareholders in Vodafone have availed of an offer by the company to sell their shares for free. Vodafone, and its (...)

Telecom Éireann moved from public to private ownership in 1999 in what for the State was a successful privatisation. But for many small investors new (...)

Vodafone investors finally put out of their misery. Photograph: PA Wire

Vodafone finally moved this week to put hundreds of thousands of one-time stock market investors out of their misery. It’s all a far cry from 1999 w(...)

Rare: 50 of these 1985 coins never made it back to the Central Bank

A rare 1985 Irish 20p coin sold for €7,200 and was the top lot at Whyte’s History auction in Dublin last Saturday. Regarded as one of Ireland’s rarest(...)

Street entertainment at the announcement of the Telecom Eireann share offer price and allocation in Dublin in 1999. Photograph: Eric Luke

My wife and I both purchased shares in the Telecom Éireann flotation and, while we both sold some of these soon afterwards, we did retain some of the (...)