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Rob Kniaz, Hussein Kanji and Rob Ludwig of Hoxton Ventures.

Hoxton Ventures, the London-based venture capital (VC) firm where Irish tech entrepreneur Dylan Collins is a partner, is actively targeting start-ups (...)

Dylan Collins says laws such as the children’s online privacy protection Act (COPPA) in the US and its European cousin GDPR-K, which both legally prevent data capture on kids, are triggering a seismic structural change in the internet

Future generations will look back in astonishment at the lackadaisical attitude shown towards protecting children’s privacy online in recent years, ac(...)

The many uses of Sugru did not include making millions for its early investors.

The board of Independent News and Media (INM) was “horrified” that third parties may have had access to the company’s data or that journalists’ source(...)

SuperAwesome co-founder Dylan Collins: “Most of the stuff we build and invest in doesn’t make society better. Hand on heart, I can say Super Awesome does.” Photograph: Alan Betson

“Somewhere along the way it became a mission.” Dylan Collins says. He is talking about his work with SuperAwesome, the kid-tech company he founded in (...)

Emmet Savage, ceo, with John Tyrrell chief operations officer, and a group of staff at the Rubicoin office on Merrion Row. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES

Fintech start-up Rubicoin has taken the top prize at this year’s Eir Spider awards. The NovaUCD-graduate company, which has been backed by Enterprise(...)

Dylan Collins of SuperAwesome which is aimed at children between six and 16, and has a number of channels across physical, digital and mobile. Photograph: Eric Luke

Irish technology entrepreneur Dylan Collins is said to be exploring a potential listing of his company SuperAwesome on the London Stock Exchange this (...)