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Sumo has made instalments of the Hitman video game.

Tencent has struck a £919 million (€1 billion) deal to buy the UK games developer Sumo Group, as the Chinese tech company continues its years-long int(...)

Jock Jordan: elevated to regional vice-president

While selling a company for a handsome profit might be good news for its owners, it can be a profoundly unsettling event for employees. There is conce(...)

More than 700 elite sports teams including Chelsea (pictured), use Kitman’s technology platform. Photograph: Getty

Irish sports tech company Kitman Labs has made its second acquisition, buying Presagia Sports for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition significantly e(...)

Hotels are keen customer relationship managers.

Leading companies, from hotel groups and car dealers to fashion retailers, who heavily invest in customer relationship management (CRM) are reaching o(...)

DJI Osmo Action video camera

When we do finally get to take that non-essential journey, we’re going to have to relearn the art of packing. We’ll want to keep it compact and reliab(...)

TikTok vs YouTube Shorts: let the battle for the attention of creators and viewers commence. Photograph: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty

You bump into a YouTuber and a TikToker on the street – which one would you prefer to hang out with for the afternoon? Alternatively, if you discover(...)

Cosmic red Dual Sense controller

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a PlayStation 5, you’ll know that the controller colour options were limited. Black and white to match t(...)

Just how the government will respond to the results of the AGM remains to be seen. Photograph: Martin Bureau/AFP

Shareholders at crisis-ridden Toshiba Corp voted out its board chairman and one other director on Friday, a forceful rebuke of the company after it wa(...)

Photograph: iStock

Nintendo on Thursday forecast Switch console sales to reach 25.5 million units in the financial year that started April 1st, signalling expectations o(...)

Sony XP500: two high-efficiency tweeters for powerful sound.

Sony X-Series (from €369) If the theme of the summer is outdoors, then Sony’s new X-Series wireless speakers may be a good investment. You get three (...)

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