Forensic police   on the scene of one the    Paris attacks shootings: Police identified the ringleader as Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a 27-year-old Belgian citizen. Photograph: Marius Becker/EPA

Yesterday’s attacks at Brussels airport and one of the city’s central metro stations, which has reportedly left at least 26 people dead, are the most (...)

Belgian soldiers on patrol in central Brussels on Monday. Photograph: Reuters/Benoit Tessier

A sense of quiet apprehension filled the streets of Brussels yesterday as citizens began the first full working day since the elevation of the securit(...)

Frances Fitzgerald: says  Ireland views the passenger name records (PNR) proposal as a “priority” for the EU

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has written to Ireland’s 11 MEPs urging them to back contentious legislation that aims to facilitate the pool(...)

Members of a forensic team work at Colline street in Verviers, eastern Belgium, on Friday after police shot dead two suspects in a gun battle and arrested a third man. Photograph: John Thys/AFP/Getty Images

Belgium was in a state of heightened alert yesterday after police announced they had foiled a planned terrorist plot, which left two suspected jihadis(...)

Rio police block the street of Colline in Vervier Eastern Belgium, 15 January 2014, after an anti terrorist operation in which two people died and one was injured. Photograph: EPA/Oliver Hoslet

Counter-terrorism operations were launched across Belgium on Thursday following the deaths of two suspected jihadists in an anti-terrorist raid in the(...)