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  Caeleb Dressel and Michael Andrew   react after competing in the Men’s 50m freestyle final at  US Olympic team swimming trials last month. Photograph: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Every four years, the Summer Olympics shows the world the latest training or recovery method the greatest athletes have taken up. In 2016, many swimm(...)

Chiaki Kitajima, an advertising executive who had to fight her bosses for support once she became pregnant, picks up two of her three sons at a school in Yokohama, Japan. Juggling work and family has long been especially difficult in Japan, but Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pledged to do more for women like Kitajima as part of a broader effort to re-energize the economy. (Photograph: Ko Sasaki/The New York Times)

When she was pregnant with the first of her three sons, Chiaki Kitajima, an advertising executive in Yokohama, said her bosses were shocked that ra(...)