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Businessman Declan Ganley was unperturbed by the attack on Rivada Networks lobbyist Karl Rove by former president Donald Trump. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Co Galway-based businessman Declan Ganley has dismissed Donald Trump’s criticism of his company, Rivada Networks, as “politics” after the former US pr(...)

Declan Ganley: alleged  bidding process was “stitched up”.  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Rivada Networks, controlled by Galway businessman Declan Ganley, is “evaluating its legal options” after a damning report for the Mexican government h(...)

Declan Ganley: his broadband technology group Rivada has raised €50 million from a group of institutions and wealthy individuals. Photograph: Eric Luke

Consumers and businesses are facing rises in electricity charges at a time when the operators of the network are getting bonuses of up to 15 per cent,(...)