Triona Mullane of mAdme Technologies.

Triona Mullane founded mAdme Technologies in 2013 to provide a customer experience platform for mobile operators around the world. Since then, she’s(...)

Sidewalk Labs proposed Area1 and Area2 of Portland development. Photograph: Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star via Getty

The former fish processing plant is so unremarkable that, at first, my taxi driver speeds right past it. He shrugs as we come to a stop in an empty pa(...)

U2 perform during their Joshua Tree tour at Twickenham Stadium.

There was a time when a U2 show didn’t have any bells or whistles, let alone rear-screen video projections, decorative backdrops or computerized light(...)

Steve Jobs: The then chief executive of Apple  displays a  new iPhone in San Francisco on January 9th, 2007. Photograph: Reuters/Kimberly White

January 2007 seems both quite long ago and yet also not so dissimilar from the present. Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake were in the charts, as they are (...)

A BlackBerry user risks repetitive thumb strain in 2007, at the height of the company’s succss. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The BlackBerry phone, whose tactile keyboard caused repetitive thumb strains as it became the ultimate business gadget no self-respecting chief execut(...)

Vijay Govindarajan: “What you need to forget will help you in the future are the very things that are helping you today. What you need to forget requires having a vision of the future.”

A successful strategy for the long-term growth and prosperity of a business involves envisaging the future while forgetting the past and, at the same (...)

Blackberry brochures: the company was reduced to bit-players with a 1 per cent share of the smartphone market

The rise of RIM, the firm behind Blackberry, from tiny upstart Canadian company to a $20 billion corporation, employing about 20,000 staff and owning (...)

BlackBerry chief executive John Chen introduces the Passport smartphone. Photograph: Aaron Harris/Reuters

Last month, the company that pioneered the concept of the smartphone unveiled a brand new device featuring a completely different screen size from pre(...)

Tight integration of hardware and software has become the norm following Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia.

This was the year the technology industry faced a pivotal moment in its evolution, all thanks to a certain NSA contractor based in Hawaii who decided (...)

What can Ernest Hemingway teach us about industrial disruption? The master of terse prose was more concerned with war, pugilism and other overt displa(...)

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