The Arts Council has launched a policy on the fair remuneration of artists, the essence of which is well captured in the accompanying hashtag: #paytheartist. Photograph: Maxwell’s

Patrick Kavanagh spent much of his life in penury. Samuel Beckett resorted to translating articles for the French edition of the Reader’s Digest. Bria(...)

The Taoiseach has to talk about migration – he has done so every other year he’s been at the White House. Photograph: Eric Luke

Enda Kenny has had many dreadful days as Taoiseach and a few very good ones. The good days were those on which he stepped out of character as a jobbin(...)

The young Anne Gannon on her graduation from NUIG and as she is now – the mature centenarian.

When Irish-Argentinian student Anne Gannon graduated from university in Galway, Europe was engulfed by a wave of fascism. Adolf Hitler had become Füh(...)

‘I am officially very poorly,” wrote Iain Banks, the Scottish author, announcing in a blog-post he has been diagnosed with cancer and has a short t(...)