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 Cox Pippin apple and orange display market stall display in Bray, Co Wicklow.

Take the convoluted, far-reaching consequences of a global pandemic. Add the painful, messy divorce that is Brexit. The result is a perfect storm for (...)

Who could have guessed that the simple act of plunging your hands into a bag of cool, damp seed compost could give you such a heady rush of endorphins? Photograph: iStock

Which words best sum up 2020? Strange? Exhausting? Heartbreaking? Surreal? Chaotic? All ring depressingly true. Yet if you’re one of the many who last(...)

Hone your creative skills by planting a living willow structure such as a dome, arch or arbour. Photograph: iStock

1. Make some leaf mould As autumn leaves come tumbling down, now is the time to put that natural beauty to good use in your garden or allotment. Leaf(...)

A patch of home-grown cosmos. Photograph: Richard Johnston

This is a spring like no other but still the gentle rhythms of the Irish gardening year continue, with seeds to be sown, plants to be tended and crops(...)

Niall McAllister: “By the end of this year 95 per cent of our UK business will be dealt with through our warehouses in the UK”

Quickcrop was established in 2010 by Niall McAllister and Andrew Davidson in response to growing public interest in self-sufficiency and growing food (...)

A wildlife-friendly pond. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Searching for simple, practical ways to garden sustainably? Follow these ten steps to a greener garden 1 Harvest rainwater Yes, we’ve endured an unu(...)

lys Fowler: “Being that tidy-minded is not only an awful lot of hard work, it also comes at an enormous cost to our wellbeing.”

As a longstanding gardening columnist with the Guardian, a bestselling author, and a former presenter on the BBC’s Gardener’s World, Alys Fowler (...)

Custom-made leather tool belt from the small family-run US firm Wheeler Munroe, whose belts are things of beauty as well as lifesavers for busy multi-tasking gardeners.

Ask any good gardener to name their favourite garden tools and, along with a shortlist of their most trusted brands, you’re likely to receive a loving(...)

Wild-flower meadow. Photograph: Moment/Getty

Ask a group of gardeners what picture is conjured up in their mind’s eye when you say the word “meadow” and their answers will be surprisingly diverse(...)

Arrangement of early vegetables.

If you like growing your own food, then you’ll know all too well that April-May is the busiest time of the growing year, requiring Irish kitchen garde(...)

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