Thousands of weaknesses known as ‘Achilles heels’ have been identified in more than 700 different cancer cell types by researchers at Queen’s University Belfast.

Thousands of weaknesses known as “Achilles heels” have been identified in more than 700 different cancer cell types by researchers at Queen’s Universi(...)

Taoiseach Micheál Martin receives his AstraZeneca jab from  Brenda Dillon, assistant director of nursing at HSE vaccination centre in Cork City Hall. Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision/PA Wire

The Health Service Executive expects to vaccinate 250,000-270,000 people this week, the highest number yet in the rollout. An estimated 240,000 peopl(...)

Green loans can be used to fund the development of wind farms and install solar panels.  Photograph: Getty Images

The newest kid on the lending block comes in a green wrapper. It can be a little bit cheaper than a standard loan and a bit easier to access but what (...)

What’s true, what’s a greenwash, and what’s out and out hogwash?

A whitewash gets a guilty perpetrator off the hook. A greenwash, the environmental equivalent, does the same for a business, at the expense of the pla(...)

To encourage the reallocation of capital towards a low carbon economy the EU has designed two climate investment benchmarks which pursue similar objectives but vary in their level of ambition
Five trends in green finance

Mitigating greenwashing Greenwashing is a broad umbrella term for different forms and practices of misleading communications of different organisatio(...)

An artist’s impression of the ultra-hot Jupiter exoplanet, WASP-33b.  The hydroxyl radical – known as OH – was found on the dayside of the planet.

An international team led by astronomers at Queen’s University Belfast has detected a new “chemical signature” in the atmosphere of a planet that orbi(...)

Brexit, Scottish independence and a possible border poll has renewed the focus on North-South issues. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters

Economic comparisons between Northern Ireland and the Republic are few and far between. For some reason, perhaps because of the zero-sum politics invo(...)

Bessborough Centre, Blackrock, Co Cork is a former mother and baby home, operated by the Sacred Heart nuns. File photograph: Provision

Proposed legislation for the excavation of mothers’ and babies’ remains at sites once run by religious orders “falls far, far short” of what was “prom(...)

Sligo-based writer Louise Kennedy, at the old Gibraltar Rocks swimming pool on Gibraltar Road, Sligo. Photograph: James Connolly

Several times during our phone interview, I have to ask writer Louise Kennedy to repeat herself, such is the speed at which she is talking. Her senten(...)

Prof Mark Lawler was addressing an online event to mark the signing of an international agreement to further cancer research in Ireland. Photograph: iStock

The risk of a “cancer epidemic” on the island of Ireland as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic can’t be underestimated, a leading cancer researc(...)

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