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Some master’s programmes will facilitate an immediate transfer on to a PhD.

Taught postgraduate courses can be a continuation of your undergraduate studies or in an entirely new area. How to differentiate between what’s on of(...)

Further education courses offers excellent alternative routes into many degree courses. Photograph: iStock

I am extremely nervous as to whether points will go up for my first preference business course. If I don’t get it, I don’t want to repeat or sit the d(...)

Choosing a CAO course in specific subjects for post-primary teaching is a delicate balancing act. Photograph: iStock

I’m a sixth-year student and thinking of becoming a second-level teacher. Some of my friends and family believe other career options are more financia(...)

CAO applicants should consider checking the updated course handbook  for new courses that have come available in recent times. Photograph: iStock

My son, who is sitting the Leaving Cert in June, was planning to take a gap year and apply for a college course next year. But he recently saw a brand(...)

There is no need to panic or rush to make a decision. Your daughter has until July 1st to make her CAO course choices. Photograph: iStock

My daughter is sitting the Leaving Cert in June but has had no career guidance since the school guidance counsellor left two years ago. She can’t make(...)

The leisure and fitness industry continues to experience rapid growth and there are lots of opportunities. Photograph: iStock

I’d like to study a course that will get me work in the health and fitness sector which is recognised by the industry. I’m based in south Dublin and s(...)

Click here to download a PDF of the CAO’s 2018 round two offers: https://iti.ms/2LE2MH0 Click here to download a PDF of the CAO’s 2018 round one offe(...)

Cormac Tierney: Architecture is quite vocational in that sense and you do it for the love and romance of building and design, not to get an easy pay day

Cormac Tierney (22) graduated from a three-year BSc in architecture degree at UCD in 2017. He took a year out to see if he enjoyed the professional si(...)

The lure of an immediate wage in areas like hairdressing may be tempting, but it is worth considering the long-term benefit of an internationally recognised award. Photograph: iStock

Question: My daughter is sitting the Leaving Cert soon and has always wanted to become a hairdresser. She has an interview for a hairdressing course i(...)

As soon as your exams are over  you’ll have just over a week to finalise your list of course choices. Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty Images

If you have decided to make specific changes to the courses, or the order in which you have listed them on your CAO application, you can do so online (...)

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