Tara Devon and her two children Ryan (6) and Kian (3) at their home in Ashbourne in January 2017. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

When Tara Devon’s husband Colm was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he asked his wife to “do whatever it takes” to have the pyrite in their home in As(...)

 Severe  cracking  cause by pyrite: Only the worst affected homeowners can qualify for the Government’s remediation scheme, according to the Pyrite Equality Group. Photograph: Frank Miller

Campaign group has expressed a lack of confidence in the Government’s scheme to help property owners whose homes have been affected by pyrite. Pyri(...)

Tara Devon with Ryan (5) and Kian (2) at home in Ashbourne. “It’s like, you do have pyrite now but we still won’t fix you.” Photograph: Eric Luke

Tara Devon says it was a “typical story”: young couple save hard for their first home, move in and have children. Everything seemed perfect. And then (...)