Worktops have to be durable – and good looking

We’ve spent so much time in our kitchens over the past 12 months it’s the one area of the home getting more wear and tear than ever before. Choosing m(...)

1960s  G-Plan sideboard.

One of the surprise success stories of the past year has been a renewed interest in antique furniture and homewares. Local antique dealers have report(...)

If you are discarding, make sure you do so sustainably. Old clothes can be recycled or, if you’re handy with a sewing machine, consider reusing the fabric. Photograph: iStock

A messy or disorganised environment can negatively impact our productivity, relationships and happiness. Studies have shown that clutter competes for (...)

With successive lockdowns bringing the comfort of our homes sharply into focus a key element is ensuring they are warm and free from draughts. It’s no(...)

From work spaces to pet-friendly finishes, here are the home design trends you can expect to see this year Working from home One of the most si(...)

Colour is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about lighting, but the colour temperature of the bulbs is vital

As the evenings get shorter, our dependence on artificial lighting grows. How we light our rooms can have a powerful effect on ambience – how the spac(...)

When it comes to designing the best kitchen layout, a simple, linear arrangement tends to function best

In a small survey we carried out last month, 48 per cent of people said they had been planning a kitchen refurbishment project since lockdown. It’s no(...)

From noise to clutter not to mention steam and odours from cooking, a tranquil living space can become uncomfortable pretty quickly.  Photograph: iStock

Kitchens nowadays are so often part of an open plan living area. This means they need to function in a way that integrates with the space rather than (...)

Less has been more during lockdown while daily rituals have taken on greater importance.

For many of us there will be things we’d like to forget from the past few months, home-schooling and endless queues - not to mention all the worry, un(...)

An old villa in the suburbs of Havana, Cuba. Photograph: iStock

No matter what your interior style preference, hanging the right piece of art will elevate your home and add instant personality. But buying art can i(...)

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