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Last month a judge found Eir had legitimate grounds in bringing its case against the State and granted a stay on the Comreg process provided Eir pursues its case swiftly.

Telecoms regulator Comreg is seeking to impose a record fine of nearly €10 million on Eir over its alleged failure to comply with obligations to allow(...)

Richard Moat, chief of Eir. Comreg is conducting a review of Eir’s regulatory governance model, which could in theory pave the way for greater separation between Eir and its wholesale arm, OpenEir.

Eir’s increasingly fractious relationship with Comreg took a new twist this week with news that the company is now suing the State in bid to block the(...)

Eir’s dominant position in the telecoms market in Ireland was examined  amid allegations of anti-competitive practices.

A regulatory review of Eir’s governance model has stopped short of calling for a complete separation of the former state monopoly’s wholesale and reta(...)

ComReg’s review of Eir, which has been outsourced to consultants, was prompted by complaints that it was abusing its dominant position

Eir, Ireland’s incumbent telco, must look upon the move to legally and structurally separate BT in Britain from its infrastructural arm Openreach with(...)

Allowing companies to be network owners as well as retail providers can, in theory, queer the pitch in terms of price, but it’s hardly unusual

The Cabinet will this week sign off on a rather central aspect of the National Broadband Plan, one that will have implications for the quality of acce(...)

Recent figures from ComReg show that  only about 10,000 homes and premises in the Republic are directly connected to fibre broadband, the gold standard of the industry. Photograph:  Andy Brown/Hemera/Getty

The Government may be forced to extend the reach of its broadband scheme because of the large number of homes being left with sub-standard services in(...)

Comreg is to look at Eir’s role in wholesale market amid anti-competitive allegations. File photograph:  Maxwells

Several leading Irish telcos have expressed unease about Eir’s recruitment of a senior official from the regulator’s office. Comreg’s head of regulat(...)