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Ofo’s system uses a “smart lock” that prevents the bicycle wheels from moving until the lock is deactivated by a user.

One of the main bidders for a new “stationless” bike rental service said Dublin City Council has effectively scuppered the scheme before it starts by (...)

Commuters on a mix of personal and bike-share bicycles  in Beijing.  Photograph: Gilles Sabrie/The New York Times

Whizzing along in a phalanx of Flying Pigeon bicycles, surrounded by the rhythmic pedalling of commuters, was one of the giddy pleasures of getting ar(...)

Donald Trump rooster statue in Taiyuan, Shaanxi province: The advent of the new US president has been a huge conversation topic, especially as there are fears about what direction the Chinese economy is headed in.  Photograph: Jon Woo/Reuters

Seen from the window, the colossal condominium being built within a crane’s reach of your correspondent’s apartment stands empty in the freezing Beiji(...)