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Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg: If we do not want Facebook to run financial markets, it should not be allowed to create a global digital currency. Photograph: Josh Edelson/AFP

For a long time, regulators and lawmakers took a hands-off approach towards technology companies. Initiatives to regulate the industry tended to be cr(...)

Facebook is suing the Israeli hacker-for-hire company NSO Group for allegedly targeting some 1,400 users of its encrypted messaging service WhatsApp w(...)

All versions of WhatsApp across all operating systems are vulnerable to the spyware. Photograph: iStock

Have you updated your WhatsApp lately? If you haven’t you might want to make it a priority. An update for the messaging app was pushed out in the pas(...)

NSO’s Pegasus spyware can allegedly penetrate any iPhone via one missed call on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has not as yet informed the Data Protection Commissioner of any data protection breaches arising from the discovery of a security hole in its(...)