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There are football manager sims that appeal to a particular type of player, the serious games that allow you to choose team tactics, deliver talks tha(...)

Microsoft’s Xbox One is set to become the first foreign games console to go on sale in China, after a 14-year ban on the devices was lifted in Janu(...)

The creator of Flappy Bird has said he is thinking about bringing the game back.

The creator of Flappy Bird has said he is thinking about bringing the game back. Dong Nguyen, a Hanoi-based game developer, grounded the (...)

Tim Berners-Lee: The World Wide Web Foundation says on its website, most of the history of the web is ahead of us. Photograph: Reuters

What happened in 1989? Well the Wall came down, the Cold War ended and in technological terms, it was the year that sparked a revolution. The f(...)

An iPhone display warning about in-app purchases on the game Smurfs’ Village

Owning living, breathing animals can cost a lot of money but the virtual ones can set you back a pretty penny too if you’re not careful. A coup(...)

You can’t beat a bit of Donkey Kong. This time the Nintendo icon is fighting Viking animals known as Snomads as they try to take over his islan(...)

My 12-year-old suggested at dinner that instead of talking about Jesus, today I should talk about Bird Jesus. As the laughter subsided, I(...)

Long gone logos (from top): Digital Equipment Corporation; Sun; Silicon Graphics; Netscape; Burroughs; RCA; and Control Data Corporation

They were some of the biggest, most powerful, most innovative and most influential companies of the digital age. Many were big Irish employers (...)

The Android version of the game  has been downloaded up to 50 million times.

The developer of Flappy Bird, currently the most popular free mobile game on Apple App Store and Google’s Android Play store, has announced that he is(...)

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has said its net profit in the October-December 2013 quarter dropped 77 per cent from a year earlier due to sales slumps and tougher competition. Photograph: Kiyoshi Ota/EPA

Nintendo will spend as much as 125 billion yen (€880 million) buying back shares after Christmas shoppers shunned its Wii U console and games featurin(...)

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