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Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban: won a third successive term on Sunday, consolidating his grip on power. Photograph: Bernadett Szabo

Hungary’s main opposition newspaper is to close just days after prime minister Viktor Orban won re-election, adding to his critics’ concerns for media(...)

Kornel Klopfstein-Laszlo, a co-founder of “Nyomtass Te Is” (Print It Yourself), a free Hungarian weekly newsletter made by volunteers, which carries articles that pro-government media ignore. Photograph: Daniel McLaughlin

Not everyone in Hungary is happy to receive a copy of Nyomtass Te Is, a free weekly newsletter created to counter prime minister Viktor Orban’s domina(...)

Fighters stand next to a Soviet tank on the streets of Budapest at the time of the uprising against the Soviet-supported Hungarian communist regime in 1956. Photograph: Laszlo Almasi /Reuters

With their homeland in turmoil they fled by the thousand, moving mostly at night and paying smugglers to guide them through field, forest and frontie(...)

Journalists of the leftist newspaper Nepszabadsag, which was unexpectedly shut down on Saturday, paste a copy of the last issue on to the wall of a temporary newsroom in Budapest, Hungary. Photograph: Laszlo Balogh/Reuters

The European Union and media freedom groups have expressed concern over the closure of Hungary’s main opposition newspaper, which critics of prime min(...)