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Photograph: Alan Betson

Ryanair filed an advertising complaint against a company that offers to manage compensation claims for flight delays, questioning its right to interfe(...)

Drogheda, County Louth has a huge amount going for it – and has superb value across all levels of the market. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Drogheda is underrated. While Meath, Kildare and Wicklow garner more attention in the residential-commuter property-market, Louth goes under the radar(...)

An image of a graphene sheet which shows three separate graphene ribbons formed by self-assembly. Image: James Annett

Scientists at Trinity College Dublin have made groundbreaking advances with a new material that may one day be used to build roll-up television screen(...)

I burned my hand the other day. Not so badly that I had to contemplate going to the doctor, but badly enough that I could think about very little els(...)

Development of nicotine dependence is associated with the release of the brain-signalling chemical dopamine, which is also associated with the “reward system” in the brain that drives addiction and pleasure. File photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

January will see the usual round of exhortations to quit smoking, but new research suggests success in kicking the habit may in part depend on your ge(...)

Researchers checked for beeswax residues on 6,400 ancient pottery vessels and pottery pieces. Photograph: PA Wire

Beeswax has helped researchers track down the earliest beekeepers yet discovered, dating them to the dawn of agriculture at least 9,000 years ago. Hon(...)

What if Alexander Fleming’s funding been restricted to a ‘time-locked deliverable’?

The philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) found himself at the centre of an unlikely political ruckus in Australia this time last y(...)

Researcher Svante Pääbo, examining the Ust’-Ishim femur in Omsk. Photograph: Bence Viola, MPI EVA

Yet another huge leap in time has occurred for those trying to extract “live” genetic material from ancient bones. An international team of scientists(...)

An artistic recreation  reconstruction of Tamisiocaris borealis. Credit: Bob Nicholls/Bristol University  An artistic recreation reconstruction of Tamisiocaris borealis. Credit: Bob Nicholls/Bristol University

Savage predator or gentle vegetarian? For years an ancient shrimp-like creature that lived 500 million years ago had a fearsome reputation as a(...)