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Ripe apples ready for harvesting.   Photograph: iStock

If you’ve ever eaten a ripe plum straight from its parent tree or plucked it from the grassy ground beneath its branches, then you’ll know that it’s a(...)

Harvested garlic. Photograph: Getty

I harvested the garden’s maincrop potatoes last week. Five long, leafy rows of Carolus, a new, high-yielding, flavoursome, blight-resistant variety pl(...)

The annual autumn rite of bulb planting is an important period in the gardener’s calendar

In the turning of a gardening year, September is the month of reckonings and new beginnings, of bittersweet farewells and fresh starts. Few feel fresh(...)

Polytunnels are valuable pieces of real estate where every square metre of precious growing space should - ideally - be used throughout the year. Photograph: Getty Images

History doesn’t tell us who first figured out that by stretching a skin of taut, transparent plastic over a series of rigid, vertical steel hoops, you(...)

Growing plants from cuttings is a wonderfully satisfying way to grow your own plants for free.

Lockdown has given us anything, it’s a new appreciation for traditional propagating skills From the lengthy closure of garden centres to th(...)

Gardening with children

Over the past few weeks I’ve been gardening with my young sons as they’ve learned how to hoe and dig, how to rake the ground to the perfect crumb(...)

May is one of the busiest months of the Irish gardening year, a time to sow and plant many kinds of vegetables, herbs and ornamentals.  Getty

May. It’s the month of lilac and hawthorn blossom, of columbines and violets in the woods, of freshly hatched seedlings and neat rows of spring-sown p(...)

Invest in just a few packets of seeds and tubers of summer-flowering varieties over the coming weeks and you’ll be astonished by the abundant beauty  they’ll bring you, right through to late autumn. Photograph: Getty Images

My young twin sons sometimes ask me which superpowers or magical skills I’d most wish for. Invisibility? Telepathy? Mind control? Superhuman strength?(...)

A patch of home-grown cosmos. Photograph: Richard Johnston

This is a spring like no other but still the gentle rhythms of the Irish gardening year continue, with seeds to be sown, plants to be tended and crops(...)

Pots of young seedlings ready to be pricked out. Photograph: Richard Johnston

While coronavirus has brought many traumatic changes to our world, it has also served as a powerful reminder of how intimately our lives are bound to (...)

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