Mount Carmel

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Midwife  Annette Mulhern at Evie Clinic, a new, multi-disciplinary ‘well-being’ pregnancy care service.  Photograph: Alan Betson

The individual framed photographs of the Evie Clinic’s team are all the same size and hang in strict alphabetical order on the wall of the entrance lo(...)

Seamus FitzPatrick,  chief executive of Capvest, warned that “unprecedented changes” in Irish healthcare meant there was huge “logic for consolidation” in a letter to the owners of the Hermitage clinic on October 22nd

Capvest, the majority owner of the Mater Private, proposed at the end of October to merge its north Dublin private hospital with rival the Hermitage (...)

The closure of Mount Carmel hospital comes after the masters of the Dublin maternity hospitals have warned they were already facing serious pressures catering for the existing demand. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The closure of Mount Carmel private hospital will mean that on average the three public maternity hospitals in Dublin will have to deal with about 100(...)