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Some academics fret that the digitisation of information means research skills are being lost. Photograph: Thinkstock

Whether in a preschool or in a university computer lab, technology is rapidly transforming the way teaching and learning takes place. A baffling ar(...)

European institutes are missing out by insisting on offering their own courses instead of collaborating on one central platform

The educational landscape is being changed by growing focus on MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, but European institutes are missing out by insi(...)

The online revolution

Here’s some food for thought. The largest education provider in Africa is based in the west of Ireland. With three million learners and a furth(...)

Simone Walsh (21) is from Glasnevin in Dublin. She is training to be a primary-school teacher online with Hibernia College. (...)

Mooc point: Kevin Casey working on his online university course in Croppies Acre Memorial Park on  Wolfe Tone Quay in Dublin. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

The history of the world since 1300 is all about agriculture, disease, war, politics, trade and the creation of wealth. I know this – and(...)

“Online education has been around for decades. The thing that has really changed is that we now have the technology for one lecturer to teach a hun(...)