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Praveen Madire and the Techfynder team

Techfynder, a new online recruitment platform for IT contractors, is to create 50 jobs in Dublin over the next two years as it seeks to expand beyond (...)

College authorities have been adding more and more study places each year, but have been struggling to keep up with record levels of demand. Photograph: iStock

It’s midnight outside UCD’s James Joyce library and hundreds of bleary-eyed students are trailing out the main door. Some have been here since first (...)

In the pipeline: Volvo’s 360c “bed on wheels”  is still a concept at this point

It’s not all robot delivery dogs, self-driving cars that let you snooze, or digital assistants that can tell you need to talk about your day. Although(...)

Monster, the Real Madrid to’s Barcelona, has come on board as a sponsor of National Employment Week.

There is sure to be a little extra spice in the rivalry between the two behemoth online jobs sites, Indeed. com and Monster, following National Employ(...)

Producer and musician Dr Dre with his Beats by Dr Dre headphones. Photograph: Elsa/Getty Images

Audio equipment maker Monster has sued Beats Electronics, owned by Apple, over alleged “fraud and deceit” in the way Beats acquired control of the rig(...)

Businessman Denis O’Brien owns 75 per cent of the recruiter with Mr Buckley owning the remaining 25 per cent. Photographer: Patrick Fallon/Bloomberg

Recruitment firm China HR, the Denis O’Brien and Leslie Buckley owned firm, has announced a €30 million investment programme to further develop its(...)

When after 20 years of marriage, Stanford economist Oyer found himself newly single, he turned to the internet to find love and found himself increasi(...)

Global recruitment company Saongroup is taking aim at the number one slot in the Chinese online recruitment market with the purchase last month of (...)