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'Save money on accommodation by staying in an apartment.' Photograph: Getty Images

Is it too late to find a summer holiday somewhere sunny? Not remotely. Even though the back-to-school ads are all over the radio and the Galway Races (...)

“If your holiday takes you to a big city in Europe, research the public transport options. They will almost certainly be better than anything you are used to in Ireland.” Photograph: Getty Images

Airport bag check in The cost of checking in bags can be savage. If you are travelling to Spain, Italy or Greece with Aer Lingus this summer and chec(...)

Specialised search engines such as and  are dedicated to finding the cheapest flights available.  Photograph: iStock

“As an alternative to booking flights over the phone, Ryanair has developed an internet-based flight information and booking service. Flights are list(...)

Robin Kiely and Michael O’Leary of Ryanair: Ryanair has been engaged in several legal cases across Europe against screenscraper websites Photograph: Eric Luke

Ryanair has revoked a licensing agreement with online travel agent Momondo following an alleged breach of contract. The airline had granted a non-excl(...)

When booking, bear in mind that you don’t have to take the same airline to and from your destination. Photograph: Thinkstock

1 The last-minute wonder deal is the holy grail for many travellers, and it can work. You might leave it until the very last minute and then get a re(...)