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Moleskine’s Timepage for iPad reminds you to break out the umbrella or sunglasses while providing interactive daily and weekly weather forecasts.

Dump your other calendar apps and splash out on Timepage for iPad (€4.99). This stylish app combines your weekly schedule with up-to-date weather info(...)

The handsome notebook resides mainly in the suitcase, alongside the travel adapter and other things  you don’t need in real life

In a bookshop some years ago, on a whim, I bought one of those expensive pocket notebooks that tend to be strategically placed at the counter to tempt(...)

Physical diaries and notebooks, particularly the upmarket, expensive kind, are more than holding their own against the digital onslaught of Google docs and online calendars

Milling around the shop at London’s Design Museum, my eyes fell on the perfect companion –a hardback paper diary designed by Els & Nel. With a bla(...)

Clockwise from top left: Leica’s Sofort camera; the Moleskine travel light, and the Electron Wheel

Leica Sofort German brand Leica wouldn’t have a reputation at the “fun” end of the camera spectrum. Its lens technology might grace other’s hardware(...)

Photograph: Reuters / Alessandro Garofalo

Small black notebooks with rounded corners were the MacBooks of Paris-based artists and writers like Henri Matisse and Ernest Hemingway in the (...)