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‘The Irish Times’ has the highest total audience in Dublin of any daily title, with 194,000 Dublin-based adults reading the title in print or online. Photograph: David Sleator

The average daily readership of The Irish Times and is 427,000, up 10 per cent year on year, according to the latest snapshot of tre(...)

A survey has found that 23 per cent of people in Dublin do not to lock their front door.  Photograph: Getty Images.

A fifth of Irish people rely on neighbours and family to look after their unattended house rather than buying an alarm, new research has shown.A surve(...)

Some 80 per cent of the readership of ‘The Irish Times’ belongs to the ABC1 social group that advertisers deem an attractive target. Photograph: David Sleator

The average daily readership of The Irish Times and is 410,000, up 6 per cent year-on-year, according to the latest industry snapshot.(...)

The Millward Brown poll  found that 70 per cent of those surveyed in the South and  54 per cent  in the North favour services in Irish being provided to those who wish to avail of them. Photograph: Getty Images

A majority of citizens surveyed across Ireland favour the provision of State services in Irish for those who wish to choose them, according to the res(...)

Actors India Mullen and Adam Weafer from ‘Red Rock’. The high-profile advertising campaign for the new TV3 soap was created by Ogilvy & Mather

The advertising and public relations group Ogilvy & Mather made a profit of €1.44 million in Ireland in 2013, a year in which its turnover droppe(...)

The Irish Times has the highest print reach in the daily market in Dublin among the ABC1 social group. Photograph: David Sleator

The Irish Times, and the title’s apps have a total average daily readership of 388,000, according to the latest industry figures.The Jo(...)

The Irish Times and have a total average daily readership of 385,000, the figures for 2013 show

Increases in the daily online readership of newspaper publishers are “very positive” for the industry as a whole, the National Newspapers of Ir(...)


Nigel Hollis is vice president and chief global analyst at research company Millward Brown and his stated mission here is to discover how strong brand(...)

The print edition of the newspaper has a readership of 337,000, while is read by 106,000 Irish adults on an average day. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The Irish Times and have a total daily readership of 390,000, according to the latest Joint National Readership Survey. The print editi(...)

Fewer than one doctor in five believes that their patients should have full access to their medical records, a new survey reve(...)