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Delivery charges give car dealers a  crucial bit of wiggle room when it comes to discounting.

If you order a new jumper, a pair of jeans, some DVDs, a book, or even some household cleaning products from almost any online source, chances are tha(...)

The fourth generation A Class debuted in Amsterdam on Friday night promising to use its greater practicality and tech to lure more buyers to the premi(...)

Toyota was the top-selling brand with 4,393 registrations in January, ahead of Hyundai (3,933), Ford (3,740), Volkswagen (3,590) and Nissan (2,873).

New car sales for the all-important month of January were down 4.8 per cent on 2017 to 37,125. In contrast, used car imports rose 20.3 per cent on th(...)

Smooth ride: the Lexus LS doesn’t drive so much as waft along on gilded wings

If diesel really is dead then premium brands have more to worry about than most. The Lexus advertising tagline is a smart marketing ploy, casting a ni(...)

Toyota is the leading brand with 2,104 registrations, followed by Hyundai with 1,931, Ford with 1,665, Nissan with 1,351 and Kia with 1,029. Photograph: Getty Images

Initial registration figures for the first 10 days of January show 15,790 new car sales, up 1.7 per cent on the same period last year. While industry(...)

Other developments have seen the flagship MSL Ballsbridge Motors dealership in Ballsbridge transformed into an exclusive Mercedes-Benz sales centre.

Škoda Ireland has recorded its highest ever market share and increased new car turnover by 1 per cent during 2017. The car manufacturer recorded mark(...)

It’s hard to see the S90 (saloon) and V90 (estate) as anything but a major breakthrough for Volvo. Yes, the bigger, arguably more fashionable XC90 SUV(...)

It’s not often we opt for the back seat in a test drive but in this case it was mandatory. There are two types of buyers for luxury cars: those who dr(...)

The XF is a bit of a car of two halves. Its styling can either be crisp, muscular, and appealing, or slightly bland and cleaving too close to the old (...)

Tesla’s Model S at the firm’s supercharging station at the Topaz service station just off the M8, outside Ballacolla, Co Laois.

For such a high-profile premium brand, Tesla’s new facility in Dublin is surprisingly underwhelming. Forget the fussball tables, hammocks and bean bag(...)

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