Silvercrest Foods in Ballybay, Co Monaghan. Photograph: Philip Fitzpatrick/PA

Former meat trader Martin McAdam has confirmed he will appeal a High Court ruling made earlier this month that he should supply security of costs of (...)

The disclosure in Ireland of adulteration of beef products with equine DNA  led to discovery of a pan-European problem. Photograph: Darren Staples/Reuters

A small beef processing company which claims it was “hung out” as the “fall guy” for the Irish horsemeat scandal has been directed to provide security(...)

Jim O’Callaghan said it was grossly unfair his clients were “hung out” by the Goodman group as the “fall guy” for the scandal. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

A company of Larry Goodman wrongly “hung out” a small rival beef processor as a “rogue trader” responsible for the 2013 horse meat scandal here, it h(...)

Martin McAdam at his home in Lisdarragh House, Newbless Co Monaghan. Photograph: Philip Fitzpatrick

Co Monaghan meat trader Martin McAdam, who was at the centre of last year’s horse meat scandal, has begun a new meat business and plans to announce th(...)

Photograph: Paula Connelly/ISPC/Getty

This time last year, when we bit into burgers we were happily unaware of any link between processed beef and horse meat. This changed on January 15th,(...)

ABP Food Group said today it has settled an action against a UK-based meat firm and begun High Court proceedings against a Polish firm. Photograph: PA

ABP Food Group has settled an action against a UK-based meat firm and begun High Court proceedings against a Polish firm, both relating to the horse m(...)

Central to the case is a press release issued by ABP Group in February which stated that Silvercrest had purchased beef products from McAdams Food Service. Photograph:  Philip Fitzpatrick/PA

The owner of a meat trading firm is to sue the company at the centre of the horsemeat scandal for alleged defamation.Martin McAdam claims the Larry Go(...)

When you listen to the tapes of  Anglo Irish executives, what you hear is justified arrogance.

Last month Matthew Elderfield, the financial regulator widely respected for his role in restoring some credibility to the Irish banking system, did a (...)

What will our children be eating next in their burgers? Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Why are we talking about the horsemeat crisis again?The British House of Commons’ environment, food and rural affairs committee published its second r(...)