Established in 2016, Solas is an organic light-emitting diodetechnology licensing company that has patents covering the design, circuitry and manufacturing of OLED displays. Photograph: iStock

Samsung has lodged an appeal against a recent $62.7 million (€51.8 million) intellectual property infringement victory by Dublin-based patents firm So(...)

Imvax chief executive John Furey

Imvax, a US-based clinical-stage biotechnology company led by Irishman John Furey, has raised $112 million (€97.7m) to advance brain cancer cell thera(...)

Amazon is one of the companies that Data Scape, which is backed by US and Irish investors, is suing.

A Dublin technology and patent company has launched a fresh swathe of US lawsuits against high-profile web and data giants, including the online retai(...)

 Irish company Data Scape has accused the various tech giants, including Apple, of violating data patents in eight separate lawsuits

A Dublin company backed by US-Irish investors has launched a wave of US lawsuits against major technology companies including Apple, Dell and the musi(...)

First Citizen’s chief executive, Chris Hanlon.

Consumer finance firm First Citizen’s loan book has doubled in the past two years to about €300 million, driven by car financing and growing business (...)

An image of the apartment block on Eglinton Road in Donnybrook that Avestus is seeking permission to build.

Planners are demanding more information from property player Avestus on controversial proposals for an €80 million apartment block in Donnybrook, pote(...)

An image of the proposed €80 million apartment block in Donnybrook that has sparked complaints from local residents over the scale of the project.

Residents in Donnybrook want property player Avestus Capital Partners to ditch an €80 million plan for more than 90 apartments in the area. Avestus i(...)

Dawson Place at Arbour Hill, Dublin 7: a city-centre scheme of 25 two- and three-bedroom houses

Real estate investment manager Avestus Capital Partners is to deliver new homes across the greater Dublin area after acquiring a number of well-locate(...)

The most senior bonds – which account for 84 per cent – of the amount offered were given a top-notch triple-A rating by Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s

Dublin-based consumer finance firm First Citizen Finance has sold €158 million of bonds secured against motor loans written over the past three years (...)

Car finance specialist First Citizen said the capital raise would enable it to develop additional products and expand its footprint in the Irish market.

Dublin-based First Citizen Finance has concluded negotiations to sell a 66 per cent stake in the business to US hedge fund Magnetar Capital for €28.2 (...)